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Let's Live it While We Can

6th May, 2005. 3:15 pm. Here ya go! Two songs for your communnitty! YAY!(forclosed_soul)


My girlfirend left me

Cheated on me with my ex-best friend

I just can't win

I have a shitty job and my neighbor killed my dog!!!!


I'm an Emo Kid

that's the jist of it

nothing ever goes my way.

love is a chore.

Family's a bore.

No one has a cure.

Live fast Emo Kid!

Punky thight highs, toe socks, Man it does it rock!

Fuck those jocks.

lucky number thirteen

Never gonna be a prom king.

Think i sound mean?

I'm so sorry.

I'm just being me.


Crying to the microphone.

Dying for a new tone to life.

Just gotta feel sad.

Live fast Emo Kid!

Don't cry Emo Kid...

FLAME (pt 2 of "LEAD TEARS")

The flames of passion ride higher

Aushwitz for the love letters i'd written.

For you.

All hope consumed by the fire.

All the stains and tears can't save me from the truth.

I lose.


Those chocolate eyes hypnotize.

Sweet lips i fantisize,

on mine...

Long fingers

Secrets hidden in your smile.

All of which belongs to her.

Can't it be me?

Linger though the words....

"I love you"

Flame, I keep you.

Scars to trace.

I bled your name.

Your sobs for me,

I believed.

You faked me good.

Just look where you are now.

The perfect woman.

Mother fuck.

Glowing from what's on the inside.

What should have been mine!


My Flame. I'll keep you in my heart till the end of time. Love, Emotions. Neither Stop on a dime....

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30th April, 2005. 12:43 am. Hey howdy hey!!!!(forclosed_soul)

This si forclosed_soul speaking! I'm running the sister site v_little_time. I know this will turn out to be a GREAT SUPER SPAZZY AWSOME community. ^.^ But yeah. Anywho. Alllove and aore music. And all must love and adore Sing_your_soul and v_little_time. The mistress of this community is a little... zany. But hey arn't we all? She's sily, smart, aqnd extremely gifted. Help her out huh? Give the world back it's long lost sight. Joing and sing once more. WEll that's all for now. Laters!

Current mood: awake.

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30th April, 2005. 12:40 am. Yo,Stars-to-Be!(kawaii_tori)

Hello,first things first:GLOMP! ^.~ Wasn't expectin' that,was ya?

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